Dropbox is basically an online storage facility that allows you to store some of your files on the cyberspace, so that you can access it from any machine or terminal that can be connected to the internet.

The benefit is obviously that you do not have to carry the file with you physically on some portable storage device like a flash drive.

Moreover, hosting from 2 to 8 Gigabytes of files is free of cost, and in case you want more storage space, you can do that easily by purchasing an upgrade.

A cloud computing initiative, Dropbox aims to make sharing files between users through cyberspace as easy as possible. Sharing files is just a simple issue of uploading them to your Dropbox account and allowing access permissions to certain people with whom you want to share the contents. Continue Reading →

In the present times, there has been a steady but sudden increase in the demand for high resolution, superior quality HDR photographs, both in the professional as well as amateur photography circles.

Even the layman appreciates the importance of HDR photographs. Creating HDR photos is basically a simple process of combining several photographs of the same subject, taken from different angles with varying parameters like brightness and lighting, and finally combining all of these photographs together to form a single photograph. Continue Reading →

A collaborative effort from facebook and marketing agency ‘Definition6’ has come up with a wonderful Facebook appTimeline Movie Maker which is capable of compiling a movie on your life taking content from your FB profile timeline and highlighting all the special moments in your life.

This movie maker will work only for users who have updated their respective facebook profiles to the timeline view.

Timeline Movie Maker allows you to create your own movie and star in it as well! Continue Reading →

Looking for versatile hassle-free web music player? Ex.FM is perhaps your answer.

It’s a music online service that allows you to discover & share new music for free, which, unlike the others music web applications, is not limited to the music available on their databases or servers, but helps you in picking up songs which you encounter in the sites you visit.

Another advantage over the other music discovery services is that it doesn’t have any country-wise barriers or restrictions. Continue Reading →

Freemake Music Box helps one to chose and listens to any song online and then creates playlist. It is a free program. It is to be noted though that local download of music tracks is not supported by this program.

But yet this free program is a wonderful thing as it enables one to listen to songs which are spread across the internet. This program also allows the additional advantage of watching videos. These videos are actually taken from YouTube.

The interface of this Music box is really attractive, clean, modern and uncluttered, thus setting the perfect mood for listening to music.
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Cool wallpapers on the desktop are very much desirable by one and all. Although sometimes it become hectic, to browse through the net, searching for the desired wallpaper to make our desktops or mobiles better-looking.

Guess what? The right app to deliver to your need is here. “Wallpoper” as the name suggests is the app where you can conveniently browse through 200,000+ high quality wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone, tablet. It’s easy to use and completely free of cost. Continue Reading →